Al Maghnieh.

"At a towering six foot seven, with a permanent grin etched into his face, the U of W political science grad, ski and running fanatic and former bouncer makes a memorable doorstep impression as he delivers his message about holding the line on taxes, attracting new jobs by making Windsor the best place to live and invest, luring more doctors and dealing once and for all with the Zalev scrapyard." - Gord Henderson

City says stomach-turning tap water result of fire hydrant flushing

The icky brown water coming out of taps in South Windsor is a side-effect of the city’s ongoing efforts to flush out fire hydrants.

Residents in South Windsor have been noticing the rust-coloured water coming from their taps for the last few days, but some say they haven’t been able to get a response from the city about what’s going on...

Proposed parking changes at Dominion and Northwood spark emotions

A proposed plan to eliminate limited parking and add bike lanes on Dominion Boulevard and Northwood Street has touched off emotions in South Windsor, where some residents feel they can’t handle more vehicles.

The city held a neighbourhood meeting last week, when officials suggested that parking be completely eliminated near the Dominion-Northwood intersection, which at peak times has become a log jam.

Maghnieh: Put fluoride back into Windsor's drinking water

We dealt with issues, both interesting and contentious, surrounding municipal bylaws, urban planning, service delivery, budget and taxation.

One that stands out was the debate over the removal of fluoride from drinking water. It was not an everyday kind of thing because it holds such an enormous impact on the health of the people in our community.